Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dec 25th

Christmas is always beautiful in Colorado, even without snow.
When we were scuba diving in Cozumel for Christmas it was abnormal.
There is no place like a Colorado Christmas. This was the first time the kids have not been home -- it was sad just having Dad only. We spoke with Jackie and J late this afternoon and they have 10 feet of snow in Frezno California, but
they had escaped to Redding where it was only pouring cats and dogs. They are
staying there for the holidays.

Dad came up from Denver for T-bone dinner today and we kept him busy helping us pack and unpack. While Dad was here we went over to the neighbors. I am watching
their home and animals while they are vacationing in Florida. One of their three sheep had died during the night. Oh dear...........
But their son drove up from Denver and saved the day by removing the body.
Never a dull moment.

We are doing the last weigh in and John is removing baby stuff and replacing
it with just the right amount of screws or another handful of nails.
Xee is stealing q-tips out of the suitcase and eating them.
I'm turning into a real for live missionary -- Praise God here we go!!
At 4 A.M we are off to Mexico on the BIGGEST treasure hunt of the year!

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