Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 28

We had a busy rainy day, but we finished the other two walls and got the metal
roof. Mike just got started on running the electrical wire when it turned 4 and
that is when they want us out of the dump and back in the good part of town.

Most of our gals went to the ladies meeting, I stayed and continued on painting
all the windows and Lupe (the Grandpa helped me strip and sand the front door.)
Sue and I will put a fancy design on the door in the morning. We also painted the shelves and kitchen table out of bright blue plywood board. If we have enough paint left over tomarrow we will paint the floor in the little house blue.

A big 30 x 30 tent was put up and all the meeting were dry
70 gals attended the ladies meeting and of those 20 ladies went forward at the meeting.

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