Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dec 27
Everyone worked very hard today in the sunny muggy weather. We had electricity off and on, so when it was on we would rush to and fro cutting boards trying to get ahead before it went off again. We cut up all the extra plywood and made it into a big round sun with lots of spike beams, this we painted bright golden yellow. This should stand out brightly as a decoration on the bright blue house. So many of the houses are gray and ugly this should make our families house stand out and be one of a kind.

This afternoon several girls from each crew went shopping for the remainder of the items that each family was going to need and the stuff we couldn't put on the airplane or just ran out of pounds to bring down in the 130 pounds of luggage. 40 women attacked the local K-mart. Each couple of gals spent from $700 to $300 on house hold stuff, and food and then we packed the trailers behind the two vans full. I love shopping but this much estrogen and discussion about each item was almost too much.

Mike worked very hard on hooking up the electricity -- the hookup was clear
on the other side of the dump -- thought a bunch of peoples back yards -- but its
done -- the grandparents who live on the front of the lot now have for the first
time TV ,they were excited and pleased

will try to get pictures on later tonight if the internet stays working

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