Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec. 27th

Today was our first real day to build and the weather was so nice I only wore
my sweat shirts early in the morning. The girls painted and the
guys cut lumber up and nailed it all back together. We got the 2 x 10 floor leveled, and two walls up. Our family chose a dark bright blue paint for the
house and white trim. The insides will be light tan. The Dad watches everything
the guys are doing with much interest-- I believe he understands more English than
he lets on, because he laughs at the jokes that Mike Bates and Pastor Mark are
constantly cracking.

I worked in the warehouse this morning with about 20 other gals most
from New Jersey and Nebraska. Everything that is in the warehouse is all the extras that the workers brought -- above what they brought for the family that they are building the house for. The building was floor to ceiling packed with brown huge boxes. We took it all and separated it up into boys, girls, babies, women, men and dental, making up gallon sacks. Each group will have a teaching/devotion and then the gift sacks are giving out. I was so proud of Rez. as we stuffed the gallon bags with all kinds of goodies -- I would see for each group stuff that we had contributed. I bet we brought 1000 tooth brushes and 100 little tubes, and 50 big tubes of toothpaste. Mc'Donalds gave over 300 toys from Mc'Kid meals because some Rez person took the time to get them. I think there were 6 huge boxes of bath towls, 300 dental gift bags, 200 boys and 200 girls bags, 100 men and 200 women bags. Somewhere along the way they are going to give out 300 sweat shirts also.

It is so sad all day long children come in begging for food or gifts. I made the mistake of giving one little guy a Mc'kid toy -- within 10 minutes there were
40 kids standing behind me wanting one. We had to get somebody to tell them in Spanish to go away till that afternoon when the dental teaching would be....... then each one would get a toothbrush, 2 toothpastes, and a Mc'Kid toy

The two gallon bags of eye glasses were a great idea, and the Doctor that came from Michigan took them to the health clinic. She said they had never handed them out before. So who ever donated those -- they were a big hit.

I have a great praise report -- the warehouse gals were in need of paper tape all day to close sacks up. I was praying about the situation and the very next box I opened right on top was a role of new tape. Isn't God good.

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