Friday, December 31, 2010


We left Reynosa at 3 AM this morning. Getting all the metal equipment though
the border customs is iffy. There are times they have unloaded every suitcase
and the guards have gone though it all item by item. My suitcase have 48 pounds of drill, saws,and sharp objects. The van with the trailer and all the construction equipment went first in the line of vans. The next van had ordinary suitcases full of clothes and after that came just the vans full of people. Today not one van or trailer got stopped. We made it completely though in about 30 minutes which gave us all time for a relaxing breakfast.

We flew from McAllen, Texas to Houston and then onto Denver arriving about 3 PM.
Now I'm washing everything that was on the trip for bedbugs (I never saw one or itched but everything is going to get 1/2 hr in the dryer just for good old sake)

I want to thank every person who prayed and helped support us. I was honored to
get to represent each of you. I wish you who helped and prayed could have seen
the look on this families face when they walked into the house that you provided
for them. I wish you could have watched Allena touch the beautiful satin bread spread
and sit at her new kitchen table. I know you would have been proud to see all the people around the block come over and look at the sun on the house and say it was the awesome.

Without you none of the past week would have been possible. You have made a sweet young couple feel like a king and queen. The whole family prayed to accept Jesus as their savior. At the men's meeting 60 men attended a 20 men gave their lives to the Lord, when the 80 women attened 30 reuped and 20 were born again. We handed out
hundreds of toys to kids that had absolutly nothing....... Each one of you all
were a behind the scene Santa -- tomarrow after I go to bed I will put many of
the pictures on here so you all can see their smiling little faces.

I was so blessed to be able to go. I thank you all so very much, words will not contain what my heart is feeling. Love you all !! Holly

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