Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Day in Reynosa

This morning we decorated the house, put all the household stuff in place that we had
brought and bought. The bed was delivered -- my gosh it was odd -- It was all a box spring and there was no way to tuck the sheets in. The stove came and it was a two burner propane camp stove. Jerry and John made kitchen counters out of left over
siding and supported them with even smaller triangle pieces of siding.

Amazingly with 12 different families bringing things --everything matched. From the plastic glasses and cups from our house which were yellow and blue. The bedspread was olive green and blue. The baby bed was blue. All the drapes,that I made were olive green and blue. Not a single person talked to anyone else and the blue paint down here was donated -- but it all went together perfect. The best TV program could not have put the colors together any better.

Many of the other groups came to see all the words that were written in our house and
the huge bright yellow sun on the outside of the house. Leslie has great hand writing, she wrote inspirational words on the balcony, and the table. Words like Peace, Love, Joy, Father, Love, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Faithfulness. It was very romantic and beautiful.

We had a Mexican wedding in the dump at noon to attend and we handed over the house to our family just before that. Our family seemed very happy and we took a million pictures. Driving off was very emotional. We had put so much into the little house and family. To just drive off and go shopping at the local mall, was very hard. (Once you have seen one Mexican shop you have seen them all and I didn't buy a thing)

We went to visit our family from 2 years ago and take them gifts and some food.
We were amazed when we found their house, they had added on a patio and another room.
Both the Mom and Dad had found jobs and they told us that their money situation
and completely turned around since they had received the house. They were excited
to see everybody but didn't recognize John until he showed them his ID.
Then they laughed and hugged. The thanked the group a million times for all
the help -- it was an amazing story. We were thrilled to see that they were doing

Tonight is our last night here. Praise and worship has been great. We have several
new songs by Chis Tomlan that we are hooked on and hope to bring back to Rez and
Pastor Johnathan. I am looking forward to American food on the way home and I can't wait to hit my bed and my pillow with the dog. It has been a wonderful adventure
but I'm ready to go home.

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