Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Reynosa

The gals you see here are all boasting after pulling, lugging, and dragging our
130 pounds of luggage around two airports. We are showing off our muscles.

The Food court at the mall was our first stop after changing planes in Houston and then landing in McAllen. The mall was jam packed but Chick-fil-a was closed because it was Sunday, but inside the restaurant there seemed to be an employee meeting going on. We burst right in and asked for the owner -- who thought we wanted food. We said that the LORD had his business on HIS mind and that we wanted to pray for prosperity for the owner, his business and his employees. The employee's prayed with us -- many with their heads bowed and others like deer in the head lights. We prayed for each employee --that they would be blessed financially this new year. -- it was great.

After eating all 200 of us got into the 7 vans. Each van had an enclosed trailer behind it to carry all the luggage and equipment and drove across the border to Reynosa. Our rooms are all in a row at the Best Western. It has
a small enclosed court yard with a swimming pool, palm trees and lots of flowering plants. The rooms are very nice with a big walk-in shower in the bath. Much nicer that John had let on.......

Today had lots of sun and was warm Thanks for praying for no RAIN.
Pray for John's right kidney it is acting up -- lifting 50 pound suitcases all day has not I put on deep relief and he has been sleeping for an hour.

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